December Newsletter | The Pawprint – Edition 4

December Newsletter | The Pawprint – Edition 4

Trustees and Committee 2023

  • Chair – Jane Ashworth
  • Diane Gibbinson (Trustee)
  • Secretary – Gwen Lowery
  • Hazel Beck (Trustee)
  • Treasurer – Nigel Davison
  • Julie James (Trustee)
  • Tina Pile (Rehoming)
  • Anne-Marie Ebdon (Trustee)
  • Jenny Thomas (Committee)


Rehoming News

It was the night before Christmas, and not a greyhound was stirring.
So cosy and warm, so sound asleep, legs in the air, it’s such a balancing feat.
Tomorrow would be special, with treats galore, but your four-legged friend wants to share with you more. Feeling happy and blessed to have found their own home. The delight of a new life previously unknown. Only true love, kindness and care; make greyhound eyes sparkle bright, so they even dance with delight. What a wonderful sight. The joy of your greyhound is beyond compare, for its pure LOVE you both do share.

To all who have rehomed, fostered, volunteered, supported, and followed us we wish you a very Happy Christmas, from Northumberland Greyhound Rescue

Dogs rehomed in 2023!

A huge thank you to our rehoming team and volunteers who support at the kennels for all their hard work  The time, effort and emotion makes them real stars. 


Christmas Mystery Picture!


Can you work out where, Katie and Inky were walking? Click on the image to find out.

Winter Walk Recipe

  • Take one crisp winter morning.
  • Add a warm winter coat.
  • A generous helping of Autumn leaves.
  • Optional, a mad dash of squirrels.
  • Mix with a handful of four legged friends.
  • Cook for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Rest for a while, finish with coffee and cake,  Bliss!

Quick Quiz: What is the name of Bart Simpson’s greyhound?

¡ɹǝdlǝH ǝlʇʇᴉ˥ sɐ,ʇuɐS

Health Advice

Just a quick reminder, at this time of year, please be careful to keep chocolates, tree decorations, mince pie, fruit cake and nuts out of reach of pointed noses.  They can have very serious consequences.

Our wonderful Santa Paw’s Walk, was a huge success, enjoyed by all who braved the weather.

Interested in helping??

We are most grateful to everyone who supports Northumberland Greyhound Rescue, thank you and please keep following us.  If, however, you wish to help further by either fostering, rehoming, walking dogs from the kennels, helping out at our events, running or walking for the charity, assisting at awareness-raising events, sponsorship, donations, or helping in anyway, please contact:- see below

  • Gwen, Secretary       07712 894155
  • Julie, Volunteering    07436 013552
  • Tina, Rehoming          07538935608

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter, keep following us, with all our up-to-date news on NGR Facebook.   We’ll see you again in 2024! Jenny, Editor

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